Family House Průhonice

Modern living in a minimalist tone. This was the wish of a private investor who entrusted our studio with the interior design of a newly built family house and conservatory. And since we enjoy such a style, we were very pleased with the wish.

About the project

In the interior and conservatory of a total floor area of 300 m², a strong emphasis is put on current trends. When designing the interior, we opted for elements from the most recent collections of world-famous foreign suppliers of textiles, wallpaper or light fittings, and combined them with products of quality Czech studios and carpentry workshops. You will therefore find brand decorative fabrics in the house from Casamance, Elitis, Roberto Cavalli or Christian Fischbacher. The light fittings are from Studio Italia. In the bathroom, we used Proceram products, and the outdoor furniture is from the Ethimo brand.

  • Type of the project
  • Year of realization
  • Client
    Private client
  • Head designer
    Daniela Dvořáková

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