Flat Reconstruction Prague 2

Reconstruction of a large attic apartment with two terraces was one of the most challenging projects. During the reconstruction, the flat of an area of 300 m² was divided to two floors with an open middle part, which is dominated by an atypical circular staircase with a gallery.

About the project

There were several challenges waiting for us when we were designing the interior. For example, when dividing the space and solving different levels, for example, we had to deal with a low headroom in some parts of the apartment, which we solved by installing mirrors on the ceiling. It was also challenging to find a solution for the slanted structures and level them off in some parts. When furnishing the interior, which meets the high standards of our clients, we used mainly materials from Roberto Cavalli and Arte, and in the bathrooms, the equipment from the ProCeram brand.

  • Type of the project
    Flat Reconstruction
  • Year of realization
  • Client
    Private client
  • Head designer
    Daniela Dvořáková

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