New villa construction in the Czech Republic

The new construction of this luxury villa was a demanding project in every respect, requiring extreme attention to detail and precision in almost every element. I am all the more pleased that the owners trusted my vision, which we also managed to implement 90% of the time.

About the project

The biggest challenge was the main staircase, where we designed an intimate backlighting of the scale at the bottom of the upper stair overhang. Following on from the side lapping of the moulding to accommodate the glass handrail, it was really difficult to work out the positioning of the LED strips so that they could be accessed in the case of a future failure. In the end, we opted for magnet mounted LED strips, which are easier to handle during replacement.

In the interior of the villa, we worked with wallpapers and textiles from brands such as Roberto Cavalli, TEXDECOR, Aldeco and La Emiliana. The wooden furniture was made to order by a joiner, the garnishes and shading equipment were supplied by AluDeco. The glass elements are from JV glass, the tiles are from ProCeram. The wooden floors were created by WOHACONCEPT Martin Havlík and the lighting was supplied by PROFI lighting.

  • Type of the project
    New construction
  • Year of realization
  • Client
  • Head designer
    Daniela Staněk Dvořáková & SIMPLIN, s. r. o.

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